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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is a South Korean drama that is now being aired in the Philippines via Kapuso network GMA 7.
Go Eun Chan's - Andie Go
Choi Han Kyul's - Arthur Choi
Choi Han Seong's - Errol Choi
Han Yoo Joo's - Arleen Han
With a foolish mother and the need to look after her younger sister, “pretty boy” Go Eun Chan has to give up her feminine image to help support the family with multiple jobs. Because of her previous experience with Tae Kwon Do, Eun Chan has quite the bold and opinionated personality. Choi Han Kyul seems to know women well and thinks of himself as a great guy.
After accidentally being mistaken for a man by Han Kyul’s older brother, Choi Han Seong, she starts working at Coffee Prince, and falls in love with the hot-tempered owner Choi Han Kyul. Han Kyul hires Eun Chan to avoid an arranged marrage by pretending to be romantically linked to a “gay” Eun Chan. But Choi Han Kyul slowly starts to develop feelings for her, but still doesn’t believe in love. Eun Chan also starts to have feelings for Han Kyul but can’t confess that she’s a woman, Han Kyul, continues thinking that the agonized Go Eun Chan is a man. Choi Han Kyul thinks he’s experiencing feelings of homosexuality towards her, and gets heartsick. This side of him was drawn in a risky but fun way.
The part when he discovers that Go Eun Chan is a woman is shown in an undemanding way, and the story doesn’t concentrate on just these two people, but also on the other people who frequent Coffee Prince. These people are shown one by one in a natural way, and since the story isn’t just about romance but about the natural conflicts of all the characters.

Coffee Prince is a big hit in the Philippines . It attracted so many viewers young and old alike .. They called themselves Coffee Addicts.. I asked some of them what can they say about Coffee Prince …..

Here are the comments ..

Youaremine says
Iadmit im a bit late of an avid watcher of CP and Gong Yoo. if it wasnt for the insistence of the seller of the dvd, of which im a regular customer, i wont buy it. but thanks to her because i never regret buying it. the fact was, what im looking for that day to buy was a copy of SIG's 'Lobbyist' but since it was not yet 'released/copied' (hehehe), ms seller suggested CP to me.
from the first scene of GY, im totally engrossed by CP already. the story and execution of every scenes were very simple. BUT GY's acting and presence really made me an 'addict' of it. Though he is not as 'handsome' as jdg (one of my fave k-actor also) i really like the way he uses his facial expressions to convey the feelings he wants to show.
And as CP is being shown over gma7, i never missed watching it also (though there were few times that i have fallen asleep, not bec it became boring), but im just too tired to stay awake due to its late schedule of airing (i have to wake up at 4am everyday). i even watched CP's dvd copy a lot of time compared to the time i have watched 'lobbyist'.
I think, it will take some time for me to get CP out of my 'system'. I LIKE COFFEE PRINCE AND GONG YOO!!!

Zowie says: “One of the best romantic comedy Koreandrama I've ever seen after Full House. “

Joyzeepot says:
“dont really fond of coffee..but watching coffee prince is a different story..it's like falling in love w/ a person that you can't afford to lose.. i'm so truly, madly & deeply inlove w/ this show.. the story is simpe..but definitely unique..
it's true that coffee can lead you to addiction.. and that's what coffee prince is all about..”

zaicookie says:
“no matter how tired and sleepy i am, i still manage to watch CP, that i didn't miss a single episode since its airing in GMA. it serves as my theraphy after a long day. actually it's already a long day just waiting for CP on air, cause i'm so addicted to it. and who wouldn't be, i'm so tickled with Arthur and Andie. and with all the characters in this drama. i never thought, after Full House, i would be this hooked on another comedy/romance kdrama. never a dull moment, always making me laugh from ear to ear, if not leaving a smile on my face. “

Leejay say’s :
I’m a coffee addict so I tried watching coffee prince because I thought its about coffee .. but as I watch it I began to enjoy it .. its really funny and man… it’s worth watching even at late night .

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yen said...

if you're looking for a new and refreshing drama. I'm highly recommended this series.Although sometimes i'm quite disappointed with GMA dubs team (my reason see the english subs.the cast and crew of CP did a good job here.
You will fall in love all over again with.