EA COMPUTERS ( internet cafe)

EA COMPUTERS ( internet cafe)
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

wow!!! i'm a blogger now

I'm running an internet cafe for 3 years now but honestly i really dont know what is a blog. I heard of it the word " blog "but just like that with no idea what is it . I heard of showbiz personalities who have a blog of their own like KC , Wu Chun etc etc but i never visit any blog not even one. For the first two years I was busy with my favorite korean actor Jang Dong Gun , searching news about him, watching his movies in vcd/dvd, collecting pictures of him and of course watching All About Eve over and over again. Eventually i got tired of it because i didn't hear any more news about him After that i got hooked in crunchyroll but after a few months i got tired of it
Last night while i was busy attending to our costumers, this regular costumer came in and he opened the computer next to me . I asked him what he was doing , then he said he's just checking his blog..Blog???? I thought only celebrities have blogs , he laughed and then he asked me if I have one. I said no , but I love to have one of my own ... feeling celebrity he he he .Thank God he was so kind , he taught me how to have a blog account , well actually he was the one who made it.. he he he ..i didn't know it's so easy to have one but the problem is I dont know how to start..maybe he was thinking that I was stupid , its alright anyway i didn't hear it ha ha ha .He said its so easy . it's just like writing in your diary .wrte everything about yourself, your dreams , your favorites, your outlook in life, you can write anything under the sun. It sounds interesting ok, i'll try
When I woke up this morning , after praying and those usual things i do in the morning, I sat in front of the computer and started to type something....I was thinking of any topic but nothing came in, I said to myself I'll just pretend that I am this person or maybe I will copy someone's else work. So I browse ... browse... browse. There are so many files in the documents but there was one line or file name that caught my attention " Just be yourself".... ouch... omg ...ok Lord sorry I will not do it again . I wont cheat nor just think about it... promise

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations luv_jang! Galing, blogger ka na! Ako nga wala pang blog! I'll visit you every now and then!